Casting the Role of the Comic Interviewer

TAP is conducting an open casting call for the role of the comic interviewer for its new reality show, The Tantric Adventure. The show creator is looking for a comic improv actor who can be spontaneously funny through his reactions and comments, while interviewing others in the cast.

TAP released a statement today from the show creator about casting the right actor for a critical role in its upcoming reality show, The Tantric Adventure.   The company will be posting casting notices in Los Angeles where production of the show will take place.  

From the show creator:  "The reason this role is so important is that the first videos of the show will be interviews conducted by this actor with the Tantric Guru and we need these videos to go viral.  We need a comic improv actor who can play off the straight man we cast as the Tantric Guru.   We need someone who can be spontaneously funny with his reactions and comments - someone who is clueless about tantra and yet very opinionated.  His role is to be a stand-in for the audience and ask the questions they may have, but do it in a hilarious fashion.   We need to inject some humor into the show since the subject matter is fairly serious.  We feel the right actor who has some chemistry with the guru can pull this off."

"We have a limited budget so we're making this a nonunion gig for the actor.  We intend to pay him $1000 to do 3 interviews and see how the response is on the web.  If he chooses to continue with our project we intend to pay him 5% of all gross revenue from the show.  We would love to have him in a recurring role interviewing the other cast members as part of the show.  We will be posting some casting notices in the Los Angeles area today, with auditions scheduled for early June."